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Contact US:

Please do not use this site to contact us for information on your watch. Subscribe and you can find out about it yourself.

You can register at vintagezodiacs.com forum and ask questions to the community and site owner.

Please click on Join The Team to learn more about our offerings before contacting us.

We may barter VZ Team Memberships to those that contribute Vintage Zodiac literature that we do not have and we find of value for the VZ Team. If you think you have something we may want to add to our collection here, please contact us and submit your attached file in the form to the left.

We will review your submission and fairly trade a free VZ Team Membership for an appropriate duration of time.  You will receive credit for the submission and an account username/password will be emailed to you. Look through the Join the Team page to review what materials we have in the collection so you do not submit literature we already possess.

Thank you,

VZ Team